Report claims ugly people aren't voting enough

A report released by Gallup Tuesday morning revealed that ugly people may not be voting enough. The news comes at a time when both Republicans and Democrats are trying to churn out the highest number of voters possible. However, according to Gallup’s report early votes from ugly people are down at least 10% from previous elections.

Leading political scientist and professor of politics and economics at Yale University, David Erstwhile, explained to Torn Wires News that both Democrats and Republicans forgot about ugly people this year. 

“If you look at this years campaign ads then you can see that their are no ads that are trying to mobilize the ugly vote,” explained Erstwhile. “Other campaigns had at least a few ads to mobilize the ugly vote. These ads today are nonexistent.”

When asked why ugly people are voting less and why campaigns are no longer targeting the ugly demographic Erstwhile explained, “It could be several reasons. First of all it’s important to note that ugly people have been turning out less and less for elections since around the 1990s. And since the 90’s, there has been various movements to redefine ugly. One of the most popular movements was ‘Ugly is Not Us,’ a movement started by the Beautiful People Challenged Association or BPCA for short. These various movements started by ugly people have increased denial amongst the ugly population, brainwashing them into thinking that they are actually not ugly. One of the main talking points of the BPCA and similar groups is that ugly people should not vote for politicians that see them as ugly. The problem with this logic is that all sane people in society see them as ugly, hence the low voter turnout among ugly people. I believe politicians aren’t targeting this demographic because they don’t know how to motivate them to vote.”

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