LEAKED: Obama was grand wizard of KKK while working as law professor

According to an anonymous source Barack Obama was the grand wizard of the KKK. The source explained that Barack Obama became the grand wizard of the KKK in a way similar to how Ron Stalworth, former african-American Colorado police officer and detective, infiltrated the KKK. The source said that Obama primarily spoke with KKK members over the phone and when speaking with the KKK members in person Obama always wore his KKK uniform.

Obama responded to our requests for comment by stating, “Yes. I was a member of the organization. It was the best years of my life. I loved those white men like brothers. But I had to leave the organization because they were adamant about letting woman join. If there’s anything I hate it’s n*****s and b****s.”

Many political analysts are curious as to how the fact that Barack Obama was once the grand wizard of the KKK may effect voter turnout for democrats at the polls. Obama has been supporting many democrats throughout the US. However, now that evidence has been released showing that Obama is a racist and bigot, the Democrats may lose more seats in congress.

Featured Image Source: KayKi Speaks

Wes Cooper