Trump says we should boycott Harley Davidson after he forced the company to leave the US

On Sunday, August 12th President Trump explained that it would be "great" if Harley Davidson owners boycott the company for moving factories outside of the United States. Trump posted on Twitter: "Many @harleydavidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas. Great!" However, Trump's comment makes no sense whatsoever when it's taken into consideration that Trump's tariffs caused Harley Davidson to make the decision to move factories overseas.

In this instance, Trump is ignoring the ramifications that his own policy caused on his country. Trump increased tariffs on the European Union and, as would be expected, the European Union reacted by increasing tariffs on the US. This increase in tariffs raised Harley Davidson's production cost to such a high rate that to continue production in the US Harley Davidson would have to pay a premium of $2,200 for every motorcycle exported to the European Union, forcing them to move production outside of the US. What Trump supporters should really be doing is not boycotting Harley Davidson, they should be protesting against Donald Trump for his policy that led to Harley Davidson moving factories outside of the United States.

Featured Image Source: The Star