Violence in Haiti continues, US State Department renews its travel advisory

Due to continuing civil unrest and violent demonstrations the US State Department renewed their travel warning for Haiti on July 9, 2018. The American government also authorized the departure of non-emergency employees and their families from the region. Even before widespread civil unrest began, US embassy personnel had to receive permission from the Haiti Embassy security officer before traveling to certain areas of the country.

The civil unrest and violence includes tire burning and frequent and unpredictable road blockages and is attributed to the Haitian government attempting to raise gas prices. The Haitian government announced that they will increase gasoline prices by 38%, diesel by 47%, and kerosene by 51%. After citizens responded to the announced price increases with violence, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant reversed the price increases. However, rioting continued and Haitians began demanding that President Jovenel Moise be removed from office.

Featured Image Source: The State